Austenitic stainless steels are very tough and essentially non-magnetic alloys that are alloyed to produce resistance to corrosion in a variety of environments. As stainless steel suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne, we can help you source your requirements.

The basic 18% chromium/10% nickel grade (R31) has a very good corrosion resistance in many applications. This alloy can be refined (R31LC) or alloyed with molybdenum (R33,R34) for enhanced corrosion resistance or modified for improved welding (R30) and machining (R32) characteristics. Increasing nickel content and alloying with molybdenum and copper results in greatly improved corrosion resistance in more aggressive environments such as hot sulphuric acid (R36,R37).

As leading stainless steel suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne, Quality Castings can help you with your austenitic stainless steel needs.



R30 AS 2074-H5C, A351-CF8C
R31 AS 2074-H5A, A351-CF8
R31LC A351-CF3
R32 AS 2074-H5AM,BM, A743-CF16F
R33 AS 2074-H6B, A351-CF8M
R33 AS 2074-H6B, A351-CF8M
R33LC A351-CF3M
R33Nb AS 2074-H6C
R34 AS 2074-H6A, A351-CG8M
R36 AS 2074-H9A, A744-CN7M
R37 A744-CN7MS