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The following is a guide to buying castings to assist persons purchasing cast products. These guidelines are relevant to all the foundry industry.

Sand Castings are produced by pouring molten metal into a sand mould where it solidifies to form the cast shape. During pouring and solidification there are transformations in the material that may cause various discontinuities in the metal matrix variously called defects, discontinuities, or porosity. Rarely are castings completely defect free, but they will still fit for purpose depending on the application and the specification.

The product “sand casting” is defined by International and Australian Standards.

The Australian Standard that specifies the general delivery requirements for iron and steel castings is;

AS 4738.1 -2007

Metal Castings – Ferrous Sand Moulded

The International Standard is ISO 4990 Steel Castings – General technical delivery requirements which is similar to the Australian Standard.

Quality Castings supplies castings in accordance with the Australian Standard.

These Standards should be applied in conjunction with the specific Material Standard for the material or alloy required. Standard materials have proven material properties and non standard materials should be avoided.

The Metal Castings Standard covers the following information:

  • Ordering requirements
  • Material Grades
  • Delivery information – Date, Location, Terms.
  • Pattern requirements. (Note different material grades may need different patterns due to differing contraction. If a pattern is supplied by the customer, it must produce a casting that conforms to the drawing)
  • Markings required on the casting
  • Quality Assurance requirements
  • Dimensional Tolerances and Machining Allowances
  • Surface finish – Customers are advised to consult MSS SP-55 for a guide to acceptable casting surface irregularities.
  • Freedom from Defects
  • Rectification of defects by welding
  • Chemical Certification
  • Testing Requirements, certificates
  • Heat treatment requirements and properties
  • NDT requirements, methods and acceptance levels
  • Special finishing, blasting, painting
  • Packaging and shipping

All the above items should be agreed with the foundry at the time of the enquiry.



All castings supplied by Quality Castings are carefully inspected prior to delivery; however defects may become visible upon further processing of the casting including machining or further testing.

Quality Castings will repair or replace any non-conforming product provided that the casting is returned free of charge to Quality Castings.

Quality Castings will not accept the cost of repairs performed by others, and will not accept the cost of machining or other processes prior to the discovery of a fault.

In addition, Quality Castings will not accept the cost any consequential damages arising from the discovery of a casting fault including further machining costs or other processes or any loss or injury to the purchaser’s property or person.

Castings should be inspected upon receipt and the purchaser should inform Quality Castings of any defect within 7 days. Quality Castings warranty is limited to claims made within 90 days of the delivery of any products.



Please see the Terms and Conditions of Sale of Quality Castings Pty Ltd. These terms apply to all castings supplied by Quality Castings and form part of the contract to supply the castings unless expressly agreed in writing otherwise.

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