Quality Castings is located on a 6000 sq. m. site in Revesby close to the M5 motorway and within 25km of the city of Sydney and 15 km from the airport. Take the River Rd off ramp on the M5. The  plant is a flexible facility with capabilities for long run small castings as well […]


CAD Quality Castings uses Solidworks and Ironcad for 3D modelling of castings. Customers own 3D files can be used for casting simulation. Simulation Quality Castings uses FLOWcast, SOLIDCast and Magmasoft for solidification simulation. In addition the new concepts are applied to runner systems to improve metal flow and casting integrity.


Quality Castings uses chemically bonded sands to produce accurate moulds for enhanced casting definition, dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Quality Castings Sydney has four separate moulding lines to cater for moulds of different sizes, including CO2 lines for short production runs. The Victoria plant uses an articulated mixer for larger moulds up to 4m X […]


QUALITY CASTINGS Revesby NSW 6 coreless induction furnaces 2 X 2000 KG 2 X1000 KG 1 X 400KG 1 X 150 KG Max heat 5000 KG  Minimum 100 KG QUALITY CASTINGS Coburg  Victoria 6 Coreless induction Furnaces 1 X 4000 KG 1 X 2500 KG 1 X 1500 KG 1 X 500 KG 1 X […]


LABORATORY CERTIFICATION METALLURGICAL SERVICES PTY LTD NATA Registration No 432 – Chemical Analysis – Metals and Alloys NATA Registration No 1156 – Physical Testing – Metals and Metal Products Including Tension Tests, Hardness Tests, Metallographic tests. Equipment includes a SpectroMax 23 element spectrometer including Nitrogen and an Olympus GX41 Metallurgical Microscope for metallography.   INSPECTION […]


Alloys must be heat treated to obtain the required properties of strength, hardness and ductility. Quality Castings has extensive heat treatment facilities for Annealing, Normalising, Stress Relieving and Quenching and Tempering alloys. Quality Castings Melbourne heat treatment facilities include two large gas fired Car Bottom Heat Treatment furnaces and extensive water quench facilities. These furnaces […]


Quality Castings has an extensive range of machine tools, particularly suited to machining manganese and wear resistant metals. Please request a quotation for any of your machining needs. Machines include: 2 Kollmann Plano Mills – table 3200mm x 1300mm – travel 3800mm Kendall & Gent – table 4200mm x 1200mm – travel 4200mm Cincinnati Facing […]


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