Figure 1Bramwell& Vincent Foundry 1911

In 1938 Quality Castings was established by Aneurin ‘Rusty’ Rhydderch, a prominent metallurgist, to develop the production of special alloys for industry in applications involving corrosion, heat and wear resistance.

The company was originally located in Waterloo just 4 kms from the center of Sydney and manufactured non-magnetic Stainless Steel parts for minesweepers and high alloy steel valves for ammunition plants.

In the post war era the company developed and manufactured the Chemcon range of pumps and valves which were widely used in the Australian chemical industry until 1973 when restrictions on imports were abolished.

The company became a supplier of castings to the major names in pump and valve manufacturing in Australia including Flowserve Pumps and Fisher Valves. Many of its castings were exported within completed assemblies to Asia and the Middle East. In addition the company supplied extensive replacement consumables to the paper and cement industries in Australia.

In addition major exporters of minerals including Coal, Natural Gas, Nickel, Copper, Aluminium and Iron Ore have been supplied with corrosion, heat and wear resisting components to support their operations.

During its history the company has absorbed other foundries including Bramwell & Vincent, Aviation Alloys, and Carruthers Foundry. The company moved to a larger site in Revesby in 1998 and continued to grow in capacity and capability.

In 2011 the Davies & Baird foundry business in Coburg was acquired from Flowserve Corporation and merged into Quality Castings as a Victorian division in 2013. This division has added capability in Rail and Pump manufacturing with increased capacity and heat treatment facilities.

The major cost drivers in the foundry industry are labour and electricity including electricity network charges. These costs escalated in the years following the GFC and the mining boom as well currency exchange rates became unfavourable causing many manufacturing industries to close operations in Australia and relocate to Asia.

In 2016 Quality Castings began importing cast products from selected foundries in Malaysia and closed the Sydney manufacturing facilities. All products can now be successfully sourced from the Malaysian facilities at globally competitive prices while Quality Castings retains control over the manufacturing process to ensure quality standards are retained.


Alloys known as ‘Stainless Steel’ were first discovered in 1913 by Harry Brearley and later developed by Dr William Hatfield who invented what is known as 18/8 Stainless Steel in Sheffield.